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Friday, August 07, 2009


Random observations, Summer2009

I think the blogosphere has done a great job highlighting the problems in frum Judaism today. And there are many. That's the main reason I haven't blogged in forever; retirees and people with more time on their hands are doing a fine job of it. You will find all the righteous indignation, charedi-bashing, MO-criticizing, and general bilious ranting you need elsewhere.

Here, I've decided, I'll be posting funny and cynical stuff. When I feel like it.

Here's one funny thing I saw on Vosizneias - an example of poor Web page design and no QA review. Kinda typical for frum publications in general - but that's a subject worth its own post.

Notice the lighthearted beach scene -- with not-tzniusdically dressed people, cholila! -- that seems to be captioned with "Tisha b'av kinot."

Maybe the photo is meant to depict a Roman attacking a Jew. Yeah, that's it.

Another funny idea: What's really missing from the yiddishe Internet? Celebrity gossip sites. We have yenta sites, like Vosizneias and Yeshivaworld, but those don't really capture the snark and sarcasm and mean-spiritedness of an authentic gossip column. I don't want to know which rebbes and gedolim visited which holy site and held a peiros tish; I want to know which rebbishe einiklach were spotted by the paparazzi at 3 in the morning outside a club in SoHo. Which celebrity shidduchim are being redd? Which are being broken?! Inquiring (and under-stimulated) minds want to know!!

So yeah, somebody get on that. Call it JuicyLashonHara.com and people will be bookmarking it right and left. Just don't read it between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. ;).

Gutt Shabbos!!

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