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Thursday, May 26, 2005


It's been a long time

Hello all -

It's been a long time since I've written, mainly because I'm been very busy, BH. Mostly with good things.

I want to wish a mazel tov to my bar mitzva boyz - two of whom are 'dropping' very shortly. So to Gedalia and Mordechai - you are extraordinary people and you've taught me far more than I could ever hope to teach you. I'm very proud of you both, and all the other boyz who are learning with me. As my grandfather, ZTL, would say, "Keep on shteiging!"

So - takeh - that's a major change in my life. My Zeidy Moishy has left the world. It's hard to collect my thoughts and put together a coherent picture of his life & times, because he was a tzadik whose greatness could fill volumes. In point of fact, his wife, Babi Julia AH, and his mechutan, Zeidy Shaya, ZTL, were also superlative individuals. Adjectives aren't sufficient. So maybe, for the next couple of posts, I'll talk about my grandparents. That's not a bad idea.

What else? I'm excited to visit Eretz Yisrael later this summer for another of my boyz's bar mitzvahs. And I'm also a little unsettled and disturbed by the whole RCA/Rabbi Tendler debacle. I may weigh in with a thoroughly inadequate analysis at some point soon, but right now, it seems as though things are quieting down on that front.

I think i'll post an article written by R' Yerachmiel Seplowitz (rabbi of Fountainview, where my grandparents lived for several years, and respected mohel - check out www.brisrabbi.com) about my Zeidy. Stay tuned.

And happy Lag Baomer!

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