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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As if we didn't have anything else to worry about...

I just saw this in the "Family Matters" section of last week's Jewish Press. Compulsive gambling--in the form of rampant spending at Chinese Auctions--is the new danger threatening the very fabric of Orthodox Jewish life. In the blogosphere, they'd refer to this as the "money quote:"

How many large families are suffering the effects of Chinese Auction addictions and not talking about it, while in the interim this is destroying the financial integrity of the frum family?

I have to say--I thought we had our hands full worrying about the shidduch crisis, at-risk youth, molestation, Chareditization, Kollelization, book-banners, know-nothing ignorance mongers, woman-suppressors, corrupt organizations, and Rubashkin's shechita practices. This is a new one.

Of course, it's those shifty and inscrutable Chinese behind it all.

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