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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Think about this

I just read this in a 12-year-old interview with songwriter Leonard Cohen.

A confident people is not exclusive. A great religion affirms other religions. A great culture affirms other cultures. A great nation affirms other nations. A great individual affirms other individuals, validates the beingness of others.

What do you think of that? He's talking about us. And he captures, in a very immediate and at the same time profound way, the conflict between the right and left and center, the yeshiva world vs. modern orthodoxy (not to mention other 'denominations'), and the approach of Reb Shlomo vs. the approach of everyone else.

Hat tip to Mimaamakim for pointing me to this interview. I think everyone should read it.


A 'hat tip' from someone who is not a hat wearer sounds presumptuous or insincere, take your pick. I am pleased I read the interview with Leonard Cohen, though. Hat tip to you for that.

the Miliner
I've been called worse things, Milliner. You, however, are a zaddiq yesod o'llam, and I'll go head-to-head with anyone who says otherwise. Continued nachas and happiness for you, me, and all of us.
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