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Friday, July 28, 2006


Recent Observations

Hello all -

Na'aleh es yerushalaim al rosh simchaseinu - please daven for the safety, well-being, and victory of our soldiers in Lebanon, Gaza, and everywhere they may be - on land, air, or sea.

Sorry for the hiatus in posting; it's been (and continued to be) a very busy week.

First off, Mazel Tov to R & R & S on the birth of their son/brother. AM is a cutie and we adore him. Nachas and simchas and good stuff.

Secondly, while on the bus on Monday, I saw a small group of protesters in Times Square. "Maybe they're protesting for or against Israel," I thought. But no. They were protesting the fact that Nickelodeon (a cable television network) was planning to cancel a show called "Danny Phantom."

That's right. A dozen people with signs and placards were demanding the renewal of a TV show.

I'm sure, if you Google it, you'll find fan sites and protest petitions and whatnot. But I'm not going to include any links here. Because seriously! It's a TV show!

But this is America, right? We all have enough to eat. Nobody's raining bombs on our houses. And this sort of behavior plays into the establishment's hands perfectly: Better they should focus on unimportant things than turn their energies toward community service, political protest, and so on. Those things could get dangerous.

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