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Thursday, June 29, 2006


More death and destruction

It's so hard not to be cynical about the 'cycle of violence' in Israel.

They kill two of our boys and kidnap a third. All of a sudden they've got a bargaining chip that people care about.

Israel rattles its sabers. The PRC (and who are we kidding here? Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, the PRC, and all these other clowns share information, resources, and a healthy hatred of Israel) says, "Hey, we've got your boy. And we also have a settler."

How can we not be cynical? Who's worth more? The settler kid or the soldier kid? We all know Olmert's answer. He and Sharon answered that question when they pulled out of Gaza last year.
Can you imagine the conversation?

Aide: They kidnapped a settler, Eliahu Asheri, in addition to Gilad Shalit.
Olmert: We are going to marshall all our resources and make an international stink about the soldier.
Aide: And the settler?
Olmert: Hmmm. Well, popular opinion is that they're a bunch of wild-eyed zealots who are asking for trouble. So they got some. Who am I to argue? We'll focus on the Shalit boy. Asheri is just another tragic sacrifice in the quest for peace.

So they killed Eliahu Asheri, and now Hamas knows that settlers are fair game - and not valuable as bargaining chips.

They also know that it's a matter of time before Olmert orchestrates his 're-alignment' and pulls settlers out of the West Bank, too. Because that's how much Israel values the sacrifice and dedication of the mitnachlim.

And so, the terrorist murderers win. They have no reason to stop. Israel has been "pounding positions in Gaza City," but you know what? They HAVEN'T HURT OR KILLED ANYONE!

Am I the only one who finds this astonishing?

They've arrested, or detained, a few dozen high-level Hamasniks. You think those guys are being tortured and beaten and threatened? You think their families and friends are being rounded up and held as bargaining chips? Nope. Olmert is playing this way too softly.

I'm not a violent person, but when I see stories like this, I want to see carpet-bombing. I want to see massacres. Honestly. Let the enemy know that they can't get away with this. There are no 'innocent non-combatants' in these territories.

How many times do we have to scream it? They don't want peace. They don't want peace. They don't want peace!!!!

Golda Meir said, "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us." But at this point, peace will come when Israel loves its children more than this pathetic desire to be accepted by liberal Europe. Shamir understood this, to a degree. Rabin and Peres and their ilk didn't. They honestly thought they could make peace and then be invited to Stockholm and Paris and the Hague for tea. Idiots. We're not going to be accepted by the corrupt and empty oligarchs in Europe. Our enemies are bloodthirsty murderers, not theoretical or ideological opponents. We need to take care of our own, because nobody else will.

Until then, we'll see more kidnappings, more murders, more Jewish blood spilled for nothing. And more futile posturing from an ineffectual and soulless government that's lost its moral and spiritual foundation.

We have no one on whom to rely, except on our Father in heaven.

Hey MJS, I found your site with search on Golda Meir's statement: "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."

If you have time please read U.S. Senator (Pennsylvania) Santoroum's speech. It is the plain unvarnished truth about the true nature of the Islamofascist enemy your country so bravely confronts. I have, to this date, not seen a clearer statement coming from a government official of the U.S. of the nature of this enemy. Link:
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