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Monday, March 20, 2006



This is the headline of a three-page, full-color ad in Monsey's Community Connections publication. I will, bli neder, cut out and scan the offending ad so you can all see that I am NOT MAKING THIS UP.

It's an ad for Matzah, naturally. Hand Shmura that's only $10.99 a pound (which is billig vi borscht) but made with the highest standards and most exacting specifications.

Throughout the magazine, you'll find references to the different grades and pedigrees of different unleavened products: There's Montreal Matzah, Monsey Matzah, Monroe Matzah, Yerushalmi Matzah, super-thin Yerushalmi Matzah, Karestierer Matzah, Pupa-Tzelem Matzah, and each of these comes in Rashi, Pashut (plain), and whole wheat (in Hebrew, Holvit) varieties.

First of all, what's Rashi Matzah?!

Second of all, what about the popular Boro Park bakeries of Chareidim and Shatzer? Are they not strickt enough?

Third of all, and I'm speaking as a fairly particular conoisseur of Matzah, we're talking about flour and water, here. How huge a difference can there be? I happen to prefer Chareidim, but at the end of the day, what makes one brand more or less expensive than another?

And by the way, if you want "Erev Pesach Matzos," it'll cost you $10 per Matzah. And according to my father, that's a good price!

Let's talk about this craziness, as the countdown to our freedom marches on...

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