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Friday, February 03, 2006


Blatant Cowardice: U.S. Gets It Wrong

According to this story, the United States has issused a statement denouncing the mohammed-caricature cartoons. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Instead of calling for restraint and maturity and re-affirming its belief in a free press, the U.S. is declaring that these cartoons are offensive, and they incite hatred and ethnic tensions.

What a load.

What the U.S. is saying, unequivocally, is that it understands and sympathizes with the violent rampages and death threats being issued all over the muslim world. When an imam in Gaza calls for the newspaper editor's beheading, when a crowd of thousands chants, "Death to Denmark," the U.S. State Department is standing with them, lending its stamp of approval. That is unacceptable.

Write letters, make phone calls, express your outrage. And buy Danish products, or at least eat danishes, in solidarity with the country that stood up to terror and may yet come to regret it.

Don't buy French, though. They're still jerks, even though they did reprint the cartoons.

The world is very quickly turning upside-down, ladies and gentlemen. You heard it hear first. Start hoarding water and food and check the batteries in your flashlights.

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