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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


On the word "Mincha"

I was just thinking about this today - free-associating the word Mincha. As a noun for 'gift,' it's much more elegant and evocative than "matana," which just means 'something given.' Mincha implies an emotion that comes with the giving and receiving. Mincha - Menucha - Nachas - Nechama - Noach - Munach - see where thinking about the word takes you.

And you can do this with any word, I presume.

And then there's Maariv - right? Erev - Arev (pleasant) - Orev... And of course its connection to Mincha - "Mas'as kapai minchas arev." Sephardim say that pasuk before Maariv each night. Maybe as I learn more about meditation, I'll delve more into these associations.

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